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Other Galveston Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

One thing I love about the internet is that there is room for everyone! The power of social media has given me the opportunity to meet some pretty creative and interesting people on the island. I'm constantly inspired by these individuals and think you will be too. That's why you should show some love to these other Galveston Instagram Accounts that you may not yet be following.


Content: Food, Events, and Island Life

What I love:

  • Showcases unique island businesses.

  • Informative event information.

  • Quality photos.

  • Engaging Instagram reels.

  • Some content is more geared toward moms!

Content: Galveston History

What I love:

  • Accurate historical information about Galveston.

  • Always learning tidbits about the island I didn't previously know.

  • New content every week.

  • Podcast and interactive self-tour available!

  • BOI host.

Content: Photography

What I love:

  • Stunning high quality shots of Galveston.

  • Beautiful landscape shots that highlight island sunsets, sunrises, and weather.

  • Can buy Raymond's work online.

Content: Islander Life Perspective Photos

What I love:

  • Outdoor Galveston photos.

  • Surfer/skater vibe aesthetic!

  • Light and airy visuals.

  • Content catered toward Gen-Z.

Content: Galveston Residents

What I love:

  • Meeting local island residents.

  • Hearing how people came to the island and what they do now.

  • The diversity of people highlighted.

Content: Group Photo Dump

What I love:

  • Random photos taken by local Galveston girl gang!

  • Very artsy aesthetic.

  • Sometimes features off-island adventures.

  • Use this account for more trendy photo ideas.

Learn more about this account in my Podcast episodes with 2 of the 5 girlfriends.

  • Click here for Episode 6: Interview with Emily Ellis of Consciousness Clothing

  • Click here for Episode 7: Erika Cervantez with Manasa Movement

Content: Galveston Architecture

What I love:

  • Colorful photos of historical island architecture.

  • Includes newspaper clippings of stories/historical information about the home or building featured.

  • Consistent posts that relate to current holidays and events.

Content: Event Information

What I love:

  • Up to date information on events happening on the popular Post Office District.

  • Giveaways opporunities.

Content: Exuberant Architecture Colors

What I love:

  • Seeing the rainbow colors of the island on beautiful buildings.

  • Great for photography session inspiration.

  • Seeing local artists' murals highlighted.

Content: Adventures of Galveston Girls Duo

What I love:

  • My first Instagram friends on the island!

  • Sharing unique experiences that are not as well-known on the island, such as The Flamingo Bar Crawl, The Vampire Pageant, and Galveston East Historic District Theater's Annual Melodrama in Darragh Park.

  • Run by two UTMB medical students. Proof students can get involved in the Galveston community!

Content: Guy Beach Life

What I love:

  • Fresh male perspective of living on Galveston Island.

  • Warm vivid photos.

  • Unique island landscape content.


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