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Galveston Restaurants that Accommodate Dietary Needs

Whether you're on vacation or just want to go out and grab a bite for lunch, it can be hard to find places that meet your dietary needs. That is why I have complied a list of Galveston spots that offer a variety of menu options for those who are dairy free, gluten free, or vegan!

*Disclaimer: All of these places were submitted by locals, so you can be sure they are of quality and highly recommended. While I did my best to compile a comprehensive list, it's easy to miss some. If you love a Galveston restaurant that accommodates dietary needs and it's not on the list, submit them to I'll add them to the post!

UPDATED: December 11th, 2022


  • DF = Dairy Free

  • GL = Gluten Free

  • V = Vegan

  • VT = Vegetarian

  • P = Pescatarian

Sunflower Cafe


  • "I am gluten/ dairy free so I definitely didn't expect to find something I could eat. There were alot if baked goods that looked delicious. I had my oatmeal packet in my pocket and planned on ordering a fruit bowl. Instead my waiter showed me what I could have and suggested the egg, salmon, frittata...He also made sure no butter touched my egg."

Gypsy Joint (GF, V, VT)

  • "GF cinnamon rolls are gooood."

  • "Bronco burrito has corn tortillas and it’s delicious!!!!"

Yaga's Cafe (GF, V)

  • "Yaga's has the best Sunday brunch! They offer so many options."

  • "They actually have a separate vegan menu that you can ask for that has a list of the menu items that are vegan."

Seawall Coffee Company


  • "SeaWall Coffee has lots of vegan and gluten free options."

MOD Coffee (V, VT)

  • "Sell vegan desserts and non-vegan options, all of which appear to be homemade."

Smooth Tony's


EatCetera (V, DF, GF)

  • "Offers vegan options for almost every menu item! Can also accommodate other special dietary needs upon request."

  • "The owner has food allergies herself, so the whole menu can be tailored to avoid your allergy. They have a gluten free lemon cake that is amazing."

  • "My friend and I don't do dairy so we were happy to see that they had a few good dairy free options. The smoothies tasted fresh and the flavor combinations were complex and tasty."

Old Moon Deli (V, VT, GF)

  • "Old Moon does sandwiches and can do them on GF bread, and sometimes they have GF pie."

Smooth Tony's (V, VT, GF)

  • "Fresh vegetables and fruit in all meals and smoothies!"


  • "My sister has a severe dairy allergy, and Katie’s was really accommodating for her. She said it was one of the best dining experiences she has had since her allergy was diagnosed."

  • "Katie’s has great fresh fish and the grilled vegetables are one of my favorites."

Fish Company Taco (V, VT, DF)

  • "99% of our menu can be made vegan."

  • "Don’t let the name deter you! Lots of options. Chef Daya is amazing!"

  • "Millers is very accommodating… the owner is gluten free and the absolute sweetest!"

  • "Owner is also gluten free and we just went to the bakery where she gets her gluten free bread. It is soooo good! She’ll take good care of y’all!"

  • "When you visit, ask for a gluten free menu."

  • "I ordered the shrimp tacos (GF). They were made with grilled shrimp topped with cabbage and chopped tomatoes...I also had the shrimp salad (GF and DF)...the salad was fresh and the waiter made a great effort make sure everything I ordered was GF and dairy free."

  • "Gaidos!! They have gluten free preparations on most of the menu items and also heart healthy preparations."


  • Gluten free and veggie pizza options.

  • "Hand tossed dough is vegan friendly and we now have vegan cheese for our pizzas."

Yaga's Cafe (GF, V, VT)

  • "I recommend the cauliflower pizzas with smoked salmon!""

  • "Love this place. Has great pizza. They even have a gluten free pizza dough which is also dairy free so you can build your own toppings to have a dairy free pizza."

  • 'Mario's Seawall GF pizza is fire they also have a keto option! Soooo good."


  • "Hearsay has a delicious impossible burger!"

  • "I like to order the eggplant patty!"


Gorditas (V, VT)

  • "They have a great vegan menu."

  • "Taquilo’s has veggie fajitas,"


  • "They have GF pasta!"


Pho Tai (V, VT)

  • "Pho Tai has an AWESOME Tofu sandwich!!!!"



Kritikos Grill (DF, GF, V, VT)

  • "Has great falafel gyros!"

  • "Kritikos Olympia Grill can accommodate all of them grilled octopus and the greek salads are awesome."

  • "My daughter has dairy and egg allergies. Kritikos is one of the friendliest and tastiest!"


Thai Garden (VT, DF)

  • "Thai Garden has fresh vegetables and rice."


Sky Bar (GF)

  • "Sky bar has gluten free options. They know their menu well and where gluten is hidden. I never get sick after going..."

  • "My husband is gluten free and Suki Poke is a big favorite of his."

Hey Mikey's Ice Cream


  • "Went to Hey Mikey's TWICE yesterday! I don't eat dairy, and they always have different flavors. Yesterday's dairy free were: Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Lemonade, and Orange Ice, and I had a combo with ALL THREE!!! Really refreshing and delicious."

Food of Life (V, GF)

  • "We specialize in allergy-friendly foods and cater to people with special dietary needs."

  • "They’re in League City, but come to the Galveston Farmers Market on Sundays"

Gypsy Joint (GF, V, VT)

  • Specialty order cakes.

  • "Patty Cakes has a lot of gluten free options. My kiddo loved the GF croissant from there."

  • "Half the items were dairy-free as they were made with shortening instead of butter. I filled up a paper bag with tons of goodies for just $5!"

Minted Walnut (GF, V, VT)

  • "Minted Walnut! She is the best!"

  • " I focus on clean, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and always with the most authentic natural approach...Some of my items are also available at sugar bean and little Buffalo grille restaurant."

Gypsy Joynt


Gypsy Joint (GF, V, VT)

  • "My recommendation? Order a Veg a Loo Plate. It has sweet potato jives, spinach, house lentil patty, spicy dressing, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, red pepper spread, and artichoke."

  • "She carries gluten free goodies in her fridge cases at her store front. Thank you Chef Mary Bass. Everything is just wonderful. Her pimento cheeses and chicken salads are just wonderful."

  • "She has lots of options for meals, snacks and desserts. I go to UTMB once a month and have celiac so it’s always hard to find places like this."

  • "Great grab and go meals."

  • "Hearsay on the Strand has a dedicated gluten free menu."

Shykatz (GF)

  • "At Shykatz given that information upon your order we go to completely restricted and clean environment to prepare your food."


  • "My friends go to trivia every Wednesday at Brews Bros because they have a lot of gluten free beer options! If I have a specific kind I want that they don't have, I can tell them and they will try to get it for the next time I'm there."


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