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Where to Grab Drinks When You're in Galveston

On the beach, it is always five o'clock somewhere! Often times I'm asked for drink recommendations on the island. While Galveston has many unique places to try, my first question is, "What's the vibe?", because that makes a huge difference on where to go. That is why I decided to compile a list of my favorite local spots to order drinks from. Plus I included pros, cons, and comments so you can decide which place fits your plans the best!

Note: These recommendations are not in any particular order. Also, Galveston is frequently opening new businesses. I will be consistently updating this post. Be sure to check back often to see what new places/comments have been added.

If you are a restaurant or bar owner and do not see your establishment on the list, feel free to contact me! I'm always looking to try new places on the island and would love a chance to visit.

Drink photo from @dtogalveston

Daiquiri Time Out

Vibes: Nighttime, chill

Best time to go: Happy hour, or anytime after 5

Establishment: Bar

My comments:

  • Specialty cocktails

  • Fresh ingredients

  • Unique drink recipes you won't find anywhere else

  • Seasonal menus

  • Usually has a food truck in the evenings

  • Will host backdoor movie nights and other events throughout the week

  • Con: Usually there are only two bartenders working. At night, the bar can get very slow because their drinks take a lot of time to make. I recommend ordering two drinks at one time to avoid the hassle of waiting at the bar for a second round.

Instagram: @dtogalveston

Vida Agave

Vibes: Casual, dinner/lunch hangout

Best time to go: Happy hour

Establishment: Restaurant, family-friendly

My comments:

  • Best margaritas on the island

  • Drinks are strong and worth the money

  • Usually fast service

  • Delicious food

  • Honestly no complaints

Instagram: @vidaagave

Vargas/Rudy and Paco

Vibes: Upscale, classy

Best time to go: Anytime but a very moody atmosphere at night

Establishment: Restaurant

My comments:

  • Both restaurants owned by same company

  • High-end establishments. Great for a date night or GNO.

  • Drinks a bit more expensive than average bar, but worth it for the quality and atmosphere.

  • Con: Food is expensive because they are essentially steakhouses. They also require a dress code.

Market Station

Vibes: Nightlife, going out

Best time to go: After 8:30-9:00 PM

Establishment: Bar

My comments:

  • Pool, darts, shuffleboard, Jenga

  • Variety of drink options: cocktails, beers, seltzer, etc.

  • Tends to be a college, upper graduate school hangout spot, but adults do go there too. Fun atmosphere for a family on vacation or parents visiting a student.

  • Con: Though delicious, fresh gumbo is the only food offered at night and you must pay for it in cash.

Instagram: @market_station

Old Galveston Club

Vibes: Small, intimate, chill

Best time to go: Anytime

Establishment: Bar, but family-friendly

My comments:

  • Enjoy going here when I actually want to hear my friends talk and don’t want to wait forever to get a drink at the bar.

  • Pro-tip: If you order to-go food from Mama Teresa’s pizza they will let you eat it in there. So if you want to skip waiting for a table at Mama T's, this is a great option!

  • TBH not really anything unique but just a classic bar and nice a casual evening

Texas Tail Distillery

Vibes: Group/Outdoor Hangout

Best time to go: Anytime

Establishment: Bar, but family-friendly

My comments:

  • Big space and large backdoor patio

  • Back area has corn hole and other outdoor games. Would be a great place for kids to run around and play while you kick-back.

  • UTMB Students and staff receive 10% off every Tuesday

  • Great drink menu!

Buckshot Saloon

Vibes: Nightlife, party scene

Best time to go: 9-11 PM

Establishment: Bar

My comments:

  • “Western” bar

  • Karaoke and bull riding (brides for bachelorettes ride free)

  • Usually hit up when I’ve already visited a few other bars before

  • Con: Can get crazy/a little sloppy the later the night gets. Men, there is a $5 cover and no athletic wear or white t-shirts allowed.

Instagram: @buckshot2409

The Porch Cafe

Vibes: Preppy beach casual

Best time to go: Morning/early evening

Establishment: Restaurant, family-friendly

My comments:

  • One of the best hidden gems on the island.

  • Best brunch menu in Galveston.

  • Offer carafe mimosas

  • Beautiful location! Quiet, quaint, and right by a public beach access to walk off your meal after dining.

  • Perfect date night or girls brunch spot

  • Dog friendly

  • Con: Food is pricey but worth the quality and atmosphere.


Vibes: Nightlife, party scene

Best time to go: 9-11 PM

Establishment: Bar at night

My comments:

  • More of a club vibe

  • DJ and dance floor

  • Usually a younger crowd

  • I’ve only been there once tbh but it’s always popping when I go by.

  • Con: Heard rumors this place charges a cover, but have not gone when they did.

Instagram: @yagascafe

The Spot

Vibes: Casual, sports bar

Best time to go: Happy hour, 7-10 PM

Establishment: Restaurant, family-friendly

My comments:

  • Cheaper drinks with bar food

  • Sports bar setting, great for game nights

  • Pitchers of margs, beer, pina coladas

  • Sits right on the ocean. Lovely to go to when it is still light outside.

  • Has mini restaurants/bar areas that are 21+ only, but does have family friendly areas too.

  • Con: On Seawall, so be careful driving at night because people drive crazy in that area after dark. Also not within walking distance to other bars. Overall still a good time!

Instagram: @islandfamous

The Tremont House

Vibes: Classy

Best time to go: Happy hour, 6-10 PM

Establishment: Restaurant + Rooftop bar, family-friendly

My comments:

  • Not as fancy as Vargas/Rudy and Paco but still very classy. First choice to take someone to on a date night or GNO.

  • Gorgeous rooftop bar area with amazing view of the bay (currently under renovations until January 2023).

  • Drinks and food are reasonably priced for their quality.

  • They have the best cobb salad, and some of the best food variety on the island in my opinion.

  • Usually have great service.

  • Indoor seating downstairs is beautiful with live music often playing on the weekend.

  • Con: Weather can make this an unpredictable place to visit. When it rains or has high wind the rooftop bar closes.

Hearsay on the Strand

Vibes: Casual

Best time to go: Anytime

Establishment: Restaurant, family-friendly

My comments:

  • Delicious food and variety of drink options.

  • Good cocktail menu

  • Really enjoy their brunch menu.

  • Con: To be frank, I have not had good service here which is why it is hard for me to recommend to others. However, I do think they have a good food and drink menu. The experiences I have had just make me reluctant to go back. Hope they will change this in future.


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