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Galveston Spooky Season Activities

When you think of Halloween activities, you usually don't think of the beach. However, Galveston's rich history of the 1900 storm, civil war, and pirate adventures contribute to some spooky tales that are known to occur on the island. If you're looking for some thrilling activities to do in October, then Galveston is the destination for you.

DISCLAIMER: Not all recommendations are suitable for children. I have added an *asterisk by activity titles that are more likely to be suitable for kids.

Go on a Ghost Tour

One of the most popular spooky season activities is going on a ghost tour. There are a variety of companies that offer these guided excursions in different locations with various stories. That means, even if you have done a tour before, you can always find a new one to experience! Some cover highly populated areas like The Strand or historical homes, while others take you around Galveston cemeteries or local businesses. Pro-tip: If you plan to take one of these tours, I highly recommend reserving your spot ahead of time as this is the most demanded season for ghost tours and tickets can sell out. Another personal recommendation is to take a tour later in the night, after dark, to get the full experience.

Here are a few links to some Galveston Ghost tours, but be sure to look online to see if there are any annual tours that are only offered during spooky season:

Get a Tarot Card Reading

Ever wonder what your future holds? Perhaps you need clarity on the past or present? Some of Galveston's local residents have claimed to have special psychic abilities. Even though they do offer readings year round, fall can be one of the most fun times to schedule a session.

Here are some popular Galveston Tarot Card readers:

Read Ghosts of Galveston Book

Good news for introverts and early to bed folks. You can get the thrills of Galveston ghost stories from the comfort of your own home. Just pick up a copy of Ghosts of Galveston book at Galveston Bookshop, or any local bookstore. This highly popular book, written by Kathleen Maca, covers unearthly tales that have been reported by locals all over the island. If for some reason that doesn't intrigue you, perhaps the history of all the places where these encounters will as the author does a fantastic job researching how Galveston's history has played a major role in these spooky stories. Pro-tips: Schedule a tour with author herself, to hear more in-depth experiences from the book. Click here to learn more. Or, take the book with you while you're out exploring Galveston so you can see the places mentioned in the novel on your own time.

Visit The Witchery

Located on Postoffice Street, next to Hey! Mikey's Ice Cream, The Witchery is full of resources and tools for those interested in spiritual enlightenment. Here you can find crystals, tarot cards, books, jewelry, incense, and more. And as mentioned above, you can have psychic readings done here on Saturdays and Sundays. Click here to learn more.

Stay in a Haunted Hotel

For those really seeking a thrill, you should consider booking a room at one of the haunted hotels in Galveston. That's right, there is more than one...The most two notable are the the Grand Galvez and The Tremont House. Legend has it more than one spirit is known to roam the halls and visit guest's rooms. Check in if you dare... Click here to learn more.

Binge Scary Movies

Hit up happy hour and settle in for a scare. Daiquiri Time Out is known to have movie nights on their back patios, and during Halloween its usually classic horror films. Visit DTO's social media to keep up with current dates and times of all their events. Click here to learn more.

*Halloween Spooktacular

For our little boys and ghouls, The Bryan Museum, puts on a Halloween Spooktacular. The free event has child friendly scavenger hunts, crafts, photo booths, books, and more! Costumes encouraged. Click here to learn more.

*Haunted Mayfield Manor

Located on the historic Strand, the Haunted Mayfield Manor is a haunted house attraction for ages 11 and up. And while some of these frights are theatrical, some real paranormal activity has been known to occur here. Click here to learn more.

*Pirates! Legend of the Gulf Coast

Pirates! Legend of the Gulf Coast is the sister attraction to The Haunted Mayfield Manor. Learn about the pirates that roamed about Galveston at this informational and interactive attraction. You will hear about legends, myths, and stories about buccaneers such as the infamous Jean Lafitte who called Galveston home. Click here to learn more.

Wander Around Walmart

Kill two birds with one stone. Do your grocery shopping and visit one of Galveston's most Haunted attraction. Yes, Walmart. At one point, there was a children's orphanage that stood where the Walmart is now. Unfortunately when the infamous 1900 storm hit the island, the orphanage was washed away with everything and everyone in it. Now the Walmart is known to have unexplainable occurrences, especially in the toy isle. Click here to learn more.

More Halloween Activities

Galveston embraces spooky season, and it's such a fun time to visit. Events are always being planned around the island. It's easier to keep up when you know where to look. Visit the Official Galveston Island website for current up-coming Halloween events. Click Here to learn more. Pro-tip: If you have Facebook, just type in "Halloween events in Galveston" under the events tab. Many popular restaurants, local shops, and small businesses tend to advertise what's going on around the island there.

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Love this! They can also come to my spooky market located at the Galveston Artist Residency from 5-9 on October 20th 😉

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