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Galveston Coffee Shop Guide

If you're in the Galveston area and on the hunt for your next caffeine fix, look no further! I've curated the ultimate guide to coffee shops in this charming seaside town that will satisfy every coffee connoisseur's cravings. Whether you're a latte aficionado, cold brew enthusiast, or prefer a classic drip, Galveston's coffee scene has something for everyone. From cozy, locally-owned cafes with a laid-back vibe to trendy spots perfect for snapping Instagram-worthy pics, each place on this list promises not just great coffee, but a unique experience.

Whether you're seeking a family-friendly spot for weekend outings, a quiet study nook for productivity, or a stylish setting for your next content creation session, this guide will help you find the perfect coffee shop to fit your needs. So grab your favorite mug and let's explore the best coffee shops Galveston has to offer! ☕️


📚 Study spot 💬 Catch up sessions 🧸 Family friendly ✨ Ambiance 📸 Aesthetic

🎲 Groups 🌿 Outdoor seating

Corduroy Coffee


MOD Coffee Shop is a popular stop locals and visitors alike. With its eclectic decor, relaxed atmosphere, and a commitment to serving all people in the community, MOD is a community hub. They offer artisanal espresso drinks crafted, teas, and freshly baked pastries and light bites.

  • Covered outdoor seating, lots of tables and outlets for studying, rotating art collection, and great specialty coffees.

  • So You Know: Can get very busy at times, especially cruise ship days. Almost all parking nearby is paid, so be ready to pay via PaybyPhone or have someone drop you off and circle around.

  • Perfect For: 📚💬🌿

Red Light Coffee Roasters focuses on small-batch roasting and ethically sourced beans. The aroma of freshly roasted beans fills the air and tends to be a favorite for those who like their coffee black; however, they do offer specialty drinks on their menu.

  • Quiet atmosphere, outdoor seating, tables and outlets for studying, and fresh roasted beans.

  • So You Know: Not as spacious as other coffee shops, so sometimes it's hard to grab a place to sit; however, it is a little more out of the way so those times are far and between. Because it is quiet, it's not always the best place to have deep conversations you may not want others to hear.

  • Perfect For: 📚💬

Marmo Lounge is a popular bar in the afternoons but they recently started serving a full breakfast menu in conjunction with their coffee options.

  • Pretty easy to grab a cup of coffee when you're in a rush as many people think it's just a bar. Large patio space for outdoor seating, which includes fire pits for those chilly beach days.

  • So You Know: Interior is quite small, and the outdoor area does not have outlets.

  • Perfect For: 💬🌿

Freckleberry Teahouse may not sound like a coffee shop, but they have plenty of beverages options which include caffeine. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, and more!

  • Large menu options with a very aesthetic atmosphere. Plus they have a beautiful covered back patio for sunlight lovers.

  • So You Know: This place is very popular. There can be difficulty finding open seating during peak hours + noise level can vary.

  • Perfect For: 📚💬🌿

Conex Coffee Plus is the newest shop in the coffee scene. Conex started off as a local corner store near the cruise terminals but decided to open up their own space dedicated to espresso.

  • The large indoor space is perfect for studying or working. They also give a student discount with a valid ID.

  • So You Know: There is a private room you can reserve for study groups or meetings.

  • Perfect For: 📚💬🧸🎲

Proletariat is another popular pub in Galveston but serves coffee throughout the day.

  • You can typically get in and out pretty quickly here since not as many people realize they also serve coffee. If you're in a rush, this is a good place to stop.

  • So You Know: Because being a bar is their main focus, they don't have as many coffee options as some of the other locations. Just the necessities!

  • Perfect For: 📚💬

West End

Seawall Coffee is another local favorite. Their menu is full of specialty items, coffee classics, and some delicious baked goods. Plus pretty soon they will be serving a full service breakfast!

  • This is one of the only coffee shops on the West End of the island, but because they offer a little bit of everything, you won't need another coffee shop option. They also have lots of outlets and gluten free options.

  • So You Know: Due to it being one of the only coffee shops on the West End, it can get a little busy. Overall though, they do a good job of getting people in and out quickly.

  • Perfect For: 📚💬📸

The Strand

Harbor's Edge Coffee & Goods is a female owned shop that opened in 2023. They have a great coffee menu and some of the best pastries!

  • Cute back porch that overlooks Galveston's Harbor (hence the name). Close to the cruise terminals ,so if you're on your way to board or coming home from your trip, stop by here to support local business.

  • So You Know: This shop is located in a larger building called Hutchings, Sealy & Co. Building. There is plenty of signage to point you the right direction, but if you didn't know it can be confusing to find. Also there is no inside seating in the actual coffee shop. So grab a chair in the lobby of the building or find some shade outside.

  • Perfect For: 💬 🌿

Toujouse is located inside the historical Tremont Hotel. While it does not have an extensive speciality menu, they do make all the favorites like lattes, cappichinos, and of course the classic black coffee.

  • Their coffee can be ordered to-go or you can stay awhile and relax in their beautiful indoor restaurant lounge area. It's a great spot if you don't want a crowded coffee shop feel and want some ambiance.

  • So You Know: While the space is pretty, it is a hotel first. Just let the doorman know you are visiting for some coffee and they will show you where to go!

  • Perfect For: 💬✨📸🎲

Groovy Grind Coffee Co.


Groovy Grind is from the Galveston raised entrepeneur that started the coffee bar at Hotel Galvez! Her newest venture is a restored 1955 international metro van (and retired milk truck) turned coffee bar. They are always creating new coffee and tea concoctions, which means every time you go you'll find a new favorite order.

  • This retro van is always on the go, so be sure to follow them on social media to keep up on when and where they are. Most weekdays you can find them at Hendley Green Park near The Strand.

  • So You Know: Because Groovy Grind is as stylish as it is delicious, they are available to rent for events like bachelorettes, weddings, and more!

  • Perfect For: ✨📸

Corduroy Coffee and Clay is known for the delicious cold-brew but they make all the coffee favorites. Plus they offer handmade ceramics and fresh roasted beans for all your to-go needs.

  • This mobile coffee station has a vibrant and quaint sitting area outside their truck. While you're there you can borrow a book at their book swap station!

  • So You Know: Corduroy is at the Galveston Farmers Market almost every Sunday.

  • Perfect For: 💬 🌿

Willow Coffee can be found in the parking lot of Flying Fortress CrossFit. They make speciality flavors you can't find anywhere else.

  • This truck is known for their fresh ingredients and homemade syrups!

  • So You Know: You can skip the line and order ahead on their website.

  • Perfect For: 💬

Willow Coffee


Segundo Coffee Lab first started in Houston, but eventually found its way to islander's hearts by opening a location in Galveston.

  • Segundo offers black coffee, speciality coffee, and teas.

  • So You Know: Segundo is located inside Galveston Bagel Company, so you can get breakfast and coffee all in the same stop!

  • Perfect For: 💬🌿

Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream is truly a hidden gem that is tucked away in the Evia neighborhood, but is beloved by residents and visitors. Not only can you enjoy coffee but they also serve ice cream, teas/lemonades, and smoothies.

  • Sugar Bean has an amazing outdoor area that is perfect for kids! The space has turf, games, and overlooks the neighborhood's pond.

  • So You Know: Evia also has little shops, boutiques, causal eatery, fine dining, beauty bar, and winery. It's such a fun place to stroll while sipping your coffee!

  • Perfect For: 🧸💬✨📸🎲🌿

1911 Espresso Bar is part of the historical Grand Galvez Hotel located on Seawall.

  • Despite the name, you can get more than just espresso. They serve drip coffee, frappuccinos, teas, Italian soda, and house special coffee concoctions.

  • So You Know: The ambiance of the hotel is worth the coffee stop. The lobby area has plenty of room to sit and chat with a friend or group.

  • Perfect For: 💬✨📸🎲

1911 Espresso Bar

Last Updated: July 4th, 2024


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