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Easy Date Ideas in Galveston

Planning a date for a special someone can seem daunting. While dinner and a movie is always a go-to option, you may want try something outside of the box! The good news is Galveston has lots of great date spots that are not only fun, but also relatively cheap and easy. Take the pressure off of yourself, and pick one of the following ideas for your next date.

#1 Hammock at Murdochs

Murdocks is a popular souvenir shop on Seawall. Large posts are located underneath the establishment and they are perfect for throwing Eno hammock straps around. You can stay dry and put the hammock toward the back, or put them closer to the water to dip your feet in. Plus you get a private view of Pleasure Pier which is beautiful at sunset! If you want to add another activity element to this date, plan on riding a bike, as Murdocks is easily accessible by sidewalk Just be careful of crossing the busy street!

#2 Exploring Antique Shops

Galveston is home to many antique shops owned by locals. Ask your date if they want to go explore these stores, you never know what you might find! To make it even more fun, hold a competition to see who can find the wackiest, most unique, or oldest item. If you have a few bucks to spare, you could even buy your date a little gift from one of the shops for them to take home.

#3 Take the Ferry

The Galveston Port-Bolivar Ferry runs one vessel 24 hours a day and you can take a 30-45 minute ride from Galveston to Port Bolivar for free! This is a great idea if you want to make some intentional time talking with your date while also seeing some gorgeous views. While you're hanging out, do some dolphin hunting as they are typically spotted by ferry regulars! Pre-warning, sometimes loading onto the ferry can take quite awhile with traffic, so be sure to plan some travel time into your date.

#4 Picnic on the Beach

Picnics are a relatively cheap way to have a meal with someone. You can either take some time with your partner picking out snacks and drinks at the grocery store or you can show initiative by having one pre-packed. To go the extra mile, order a wicker basket and blanket a head of time. These little details can go a long way to make the date special!

#5 Mini Golf

Magic Carpet is located on Seawall and has 18 mini-golf holes. The admission price is just $10 per adult, so you can have a few hours of fun for a relatively low price. The area also has a gorgeous view of the beach, so if you plan the timing right you could watch the sun go down after finishing up your golf session.

#6 Take a Free Tour

All around Galveston you can find walking tours! One of the most popular tours is Galveston Unscripted, where you can learn about historical buildings, markers, and people that made Galveston what it is today. There is also the Turtle Sculpture and Tree Sculpture Tours! You can learn more about those on my Free Things to Do in Galveston blog post.

#6 Visit the Rosenberg Library

From the outside you may not expect it but the Rosenberg Library has a mini museum in it. It has art and artifacts that are significant to Galveston's history. Ask a librarian to show you and your date around or meander around on your own. While you're there you might also stumble upon a book you want to bring back with you! Or better yet, find an audiobook that you and your date can listen to together.

#7 Hang at Axecade

Located on The Strand, Axecade has axe throwing lanes on the bottom floor and free arcade games on the second floor. Grab a drink or snack and spend time having a friendly competition. Whether you're trying to see who can hit the most bullseyes or who can hit the high score on Guitar Hero, you're sure to have fun together!

#8 Uncover the Spooky Side of Galveston

If you're both interested in taking a walk on the spooky side, Galveston has a lot of haunted history to uncover! Take a haunted walking tour on The Strand, Red Light District, or in a cemetery. Other options include getting a tarot card reading or visiting The Witchery. Get more info on tours and other spooky activities on my blog post here.

#9 Attend Art Walk

Art Walk is a free community event which happens every 6-8 weeks on the island. Local artists, musicians, and vendors set up around the downtown area and all the shops stay open late! Some places even provide refreshments and sacks. While this may not be the most intimate date, it is an event that will pack a few hours full of spontaneous entertainment and maybe some free food and drinks. Click here to learn more about ArtWalk.

#10 Craft at Clay Cup Studios

Located on Post Office Street, is a craft studio called Clay Cup. From the outside it doesn't look very big, but when you walk in it's two floors full of any craft supplies you would ever need. They have paints, candles, coffee mugs, clay, wood burning, water colors, and the list goes on! Grab your date and grab a craft for an evening of great conversation and creativity. They also have a drink menu that serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages so you can sip while you work. At the end of your craft time, just take it to the counter and pay! Or if you keep an eye out on their website and social media, you might can catch a seat in one of their classes for you and your date.

#11 Go Skating

For a more active date activity, try skating! Galveston has a designated skate park but if you're looking to get away from others for a more peaceful afternoon, I recommend skating in the Evia area. Beginners can practice in the parking lot of Sugar Bean Coffee or go around the pond's loop. For an off island adventure, there is a skating rink in Webster (about 20 minutes away) called Fun City Sk8. You and your date may be sore by the end, but you'll have had a blast being together.


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