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5 Things To Do In Galveston On a Rainy Day

Don't let the rain ruin your beach vacation. Galveston has plenty of hidden indoor gems to keep you entertained until the showers pass. In fact, you may being having so much fun that you forget the sun went away in the first place.

#1 Craft at Clay Cup Studios

For $12 and up, there is a craft for everyone and every budget! Paint a wine glass, fire up a kiln, or even even build a terrarium. They have a covered patio or a spacious indoor seating. Plus for adults 21+ you can order a drink while you work on your project. This unique craft store is located on Post Office Street next to Kimmy's Boutique Downtown. Click here to learn more.

#2 Escape the Island

Literally...Escape the Island, is the only business that offers escape rooms in Galveston. Choose from one of their five live escape rooms or 6 virtual reality themed rooms. Starting at $20, you can have a full afternoon filled with adventure! Click here to learn more.

#3 Explore a Local Museum

Railroads, and ships, and planes oh my! Spend an educational evening learning all about the influential and astonishing history of Galveston. There are so many wonderful museums you will have a hard time deciding which one to visit first. Click here to learn more.

#4 Endure Haunted Mayfield Manor

Feeling adventurous? See how long you can stand spending time in the Haunted Mayfield Manor before the ghouls get the best of you. But BEWARE...rumor has it that real paranormal activity has been known to happen among the theatrics. For just $15 a person, the whole family can enjoy frights and fun indoors. Click here to learn more, if you dare that is.

#5 Mosey Around Moody Gardens

Turn your rainy day into learning about rainforest animals or admiring aquatic animals. Perhaps take some self-care time and relax at the spa or immerse yourself watching a film in the 3D or 4D theater. No matter what you're feeling, Moody Gardens, can entertain for hours. Pro-tip: Bring a report card with A's or B's and get FREE admission! Click here to learn more.


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